Birth and fresh 48

Photographing a birth is truly magnificent. I'm part of your birth team to make this moment memorable. I'm there to capture the journey with all the emotions it can give. It's a planned surprise. I'm there for the waves, the first seconds of life and will give you this improbable sight of you welcoming earthside your baby. 

I'm proud to give women photographies of their birth. We are amazingly strong and this event is quite a big deal for us. It's something that we cannot put into words, so i will help with photography. 

I will be there for the pictures, a birth video and my words that will tell this beautiful story. 

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The fresh 48 session is a deep breath after the most intense moment of your life. We call it fresh 48 because it is held 48 hours maximum after the birth of the baby. I meet you at the place of birth; in hospital, at the birthing center or at home. You get the most precious moments of the first hours of life. Maybe we can capture the meeting of the grand parents or the first time the proudest big sister or big brother  get to know each other? It is so calm, full of emotions and soft. It is so soft. 


Maternity sessions is something i cherish a lot. I love to take you somewhere at sunset and make this belly shine. I love how light, on a pregnant mom, glows. Your other half is invited of course and the love will shine between two lovers like no other. It's something important to take in pictures of your last weeks of pregnancy for me. You will look back at those pictures as weeks that went by so fast and pictures will stop time. 

Tell me where you want us to go. I'm ready. 


Newborn | Family | important moments

Newborns are the cutest, most precious little human to capture. As they say: "they grow up so fast"! Those little fingers and toes need to be remembered. That nose was so cute. I'm knocking on your door and coming inside your nook to stop time. Your hands, the eyes of dad, the touch of the mom, the little plush animal looking over the baby. All of this in natural light and slowly picturing your story as parents. The sibling(s) will be so proud too that i'm there to picture their awesome job. 

Lifestyle photography is the perfect way to capture the energy between family members or other moments that are important for you. I like to let you be you, but also will direct some necessary portraits or group pictures. 


La magnifique

La magnifique is the occasion to celebrate your story behind your eyes and your body. In a boudoir or individual session just for you. It is a way to recognize that among everything that is going on in your life; you are a women. You were a women before the kids, before that incredible move, after the incident, after you decided that this body is yours and we need to celebrate it.

La magnifique is also a postpartum body enlightenment project for all women who gave birth and want to celebrate their body. It once was a house full of light. Why not revisit this body that we might not want to focus closely on? Society is quite harsh on body acceptance and I want to give the opportunity to see it differently. 

This is for self love for all mothers. If you had your children years ago or just gave birth, you can come to La magnifique. Either scarred, strechmarked or feeling the excess skin... this session will focus on the light that reflects on it switching to a positive vibe. Showing it to the world and take full credit for the beauty it's showing.

I think you look beautiful.



The pictures are carefully selected and all edited to bring out the best in them. You will receive a web gallery at least three weeks after the photography session. Every picture will be edited in colors and black & white.  

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Birth story: 

1000$ tax included - birth video and pictures.

800$ tax included - birth pictures.

The number of pictures will vary following how long i was at the birth. In average, 200 pictures will be sent. 


Fresh 48:

48 hours maximum after birth.

300$ taxes included. 

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At home, outdoors or anyplace your cherish. All in natural light. 

300$ tax included

In average, 100 pictures will be sent.



La magnifique

In natural light, at home, with your kids or boudoir style. 

200$ tax included

Birth videos

Leo's arrival in beautiful Montreal. 
Life, love and strenght. 

Birth videos are always included with all birth photography packages with Naître photographie.
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Mariane Parent


I was brought to birth photography by admiring the work of other birth photographers. I was stunned and fell in love with this special field of photography. I had to try. I'm also a mom of three beautiful children so i know the birth journey. I've been there. 

So here I am, in Montreal, offering birth photography and being so passionate about it. It opened my work to maternity, newborn and lifestyle because you know, i love small hands, family love and pregnant bellies.

Can't wait to read about your story and maybe taking part of it. I'm located in the westisland.


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