Désolée Facebook, c'est pas moi... c'est toi.

Sorry Facebook, it's not me... it's you.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately and i finally took my decision. I will cancel my facebook business account for Naître photographie. I'm not doing this on a "coup de tête". 

J'ai analysé, j'ai tourné tout ça de bord, je me suis donnée des outils, j'ai lu et je le l'ai même enseigné! (ouais je suis prof au Cégep et j'enseigne les réseaux sociaux comme outil promotionnel dans le domaine du loisir, entre autre). -salut à toi si je t'ai enseigné!

I will quote myself on a recent photographer's student group: "When you know how high is the hill, it is okay to turn around and sit by the lake". Facebook is my hill and instagram will be my lake.

Alors, je vais bientôt supprimer ma page Facebook et me concentrer là où I feel i belong

Facebook est difficile avec les photographes d'accouchement. Souvent bannis, identifiés ou signalés. Je prends toutes les précautions pour être sensible juste assez. Je ne mets aucune photo en plein format et j'ai seulement des montages-photo pour protéger les reproductions. Déjà, c'est un pain int the a**. 

Et puis, il y a les nouvelles façons de stimuler l'engagement pour apparaître dans votre feed la première. I want you to see my work and get to know me as a photographer. This is important to me to start a conversation and listen. Facebook has a point here. We need to gain human interactions and still create meaningful posts. I get that. Facebook has an algorithm that calculates if i actually speak to a real person and if we connect (weird huh?). 

My hill is right there. 

And i will finish by saying that birth photography is different. I'm not sharing a lot of them. Because it's private and i i will respect the intimacy and sacred side of it. Je suis tellement fière des photos d'accouchement, mais elles ne m'appartiennent pas... enfin pas dans l'âme. Alors je suis fière de les remettre aux personnes qui ont vécu ce moment fort de leur vie. Je le fais pour eux, pas pour créer une conversation sur Facebook.

Mon compte instagram est mon endroit de doux. Je mets une photo presqu'à chaque jour. Parfois des photos de clients et clientes, parfois des moments à moi avec ma famille. Parfois des essais de portraits ou des photos sans humains. C'est plus beau que sur Facebook. 

Entre humain, parlez de  moi et de ce que je prends en photo. 

Si vous voulez suivre mon travail, je suis ici:

Mon site web est facile à retenir: 



Emma and her. Without a doubt.

The story of the fast arrival of this beautiful girl.

Candles, big brothers and love.

When Emma decided to have her birth documented with pictures, she was sure about so much things. The presence of her midwife, the love and support from her husband and the light in the eyes of her two boys that were about to become big brothers. I was honoured to be chosen as her photographer.

Montage Emma's birth story.png

When i arrived at her home, the house was silent and winter was icy. In her room, two candles were lit to give warmth and little light. I saw her being the true warrior that i knew she could be. In her space, in her breath and in her eyes. Trista, her midwife, was confident and calm. Looking down on the mother she helped twice give birth. They knew each other so well and i could feel the connection between them in such trust and support. I sat down and leaned on the bed to witness the transition. 

As it got very intense, Emma said:

"I don't want to do it anymore". And Trista replied something I found very powerful:

"You are doing it". 

Those words stayed with me. She was doing it. Without a doubt. I'm sure she knew that this journey was powerful and her strength was going to be enough.  At the last minute, she felt she needed to go to the bathroom. I knew i had to get in there. The baby was coming. As i pushed the door and cramped myself in a small closet, it did happen. She came out so fast that i hardly had the time to adjust my settings. Trista welcomed her baby and Mom was surprised, in Aww, and in love. She took her birth pause watching her baby girl being held by a the women she trusted, and her husband just by her side. 

Her baby girl was bigger then her two boys at birth. She immediately noticed and couldn't believe she had done it. Exhausted but proud, Emma had her girl and her husband had a different look in his eyes, he couldn't wait to wake up the boys so they could meet their little sister.

So the boys came in. They met her. This precious little baby. H was the one counting all the things she was doing in the first minutes of her life. The number of times she was making noises, opening her eyes, moving her fingers... he kept count. Little G didn't quite understand what had just happened, he was mesmerized by her sister and wanted to cuddle mama. Her husband was holding them and hugging his boys with such love. He asked them to congratulate mom and little H said: "Mommy, i'm so proud of you". This melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes. What an awesome thing to say to her mom.

The first exams were about to begin in the comfort of her own bed and Emma could refill on energy. She was brought wholesome foods, although the boys almost ate it all, i could see she was feeling more and more complete as she saw her family coming together. 

Baby girl was 10 pounds. She was perfect. Emma was surprised and couldn't believe the numbers. I'm sure in he hearth, she felt an immense sense of proud and love for herself. Her strength was there all along. I'm sure it gave her the feeling that she could now do anything and i wanted to tell her that... so here are my words: 


Emma, you can do anything. Without a doubt.