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My sunset Mama

She loves sunsets and i love her.

Une famille que j’adore. Sometimes you fall in love with the families you meet and this one is special to me as it is True Montreal. I always find in the humans i photograph that i see the best in them. Their eyes are full of light and i can uncover their family dynamic. 

Last year, i met Dafne. She was expecting her second child and wanted a sunset session. I was so happy to meet her family at sunset in Parc-nature du Cap Saint-Jacques. It was truly magnificent and one of my favorite session so far. I got to know her family and fell in love right away.


The magic when she showed me her belly.

So artisticly pregnant.

They are from Mexico and live here in l’île-Bizard now. So they speak spanish together but i don’t! When we meet, we speak english as the words don’t come out as easily but we still have fun and laugh (i still don’t feel my jokes are as funny in english but heh!).

Et ce petit homme a la chance d’aller à une garderie bilingue. Alors nous avons notre petit monde en français et je lui donne beaucoup trooooop d’attention! Il devient mon petit assistant. Il est si chanceux, sans le savoir, d'être au milieu de toute cette richesse culturelle de notre Montréal.

So it is quite special for me when we see each other for a session. Last mother's day, i saw them again one year later with the second baby boy giving me his famous smile. At sunset again, because "it was so worth it the first time", we met in parc-nature de l'Île-Bizard where both of our families are growing.  This hits home.

Dafne Is my sunset mama. 
This is Montreal. This is our forrest. This is my people.