So sweet as a sky full of stars and so raw as a conqueror's journey to earth; this birth story evolved from one end to another with a mom that was ready for everything.

Amanda and Matthew are a shining light. Together, they bring brightness and joy in every room. They make a team that is so obvious; it's eloquent and solid. Her heart was so ready to take on this journey because she felt already as a mom and was waiting for this moment for a while now. She always knew she would become a mother one day and now, she could count the days before this shining light was about to become brighter.

That morning, she texted me that she had back pain and the day was starting with a different feeling. I gathered all my things and knew this was mom intuition and maybe this could be it. I carried my phone all day with me and waited for Matthew to confirm i should come to the birthing center. I was ready to witness their first baby being born and document their story.

Matthew was hesitant and informed me that Amanda wasn't sure she still wanted me to be there, Her doubt was present and i understood her need to stay in her bubble. My intuition was telling me to still make the ride and get there. I couldn't wrap my a head around the decision to stay home. I knew deep in my heart that she would be happy to have her birth pictures. I felt i couldn't let her down. So i got into my car and said to Matthew that i was coming. He agreed. I felt he was taking this one step at a time and my presence could be okay.

When i arrived, Amanda was deep in her cave and contractions were gaining intensity. She still wasn't sure of my presence and i waited for the right moment to come in. When I saw Matthew, i said that i would enter and see how she reacts of my presence and notice me in a negative way, If it was the case, i would leave. I was feeling uncertain but something pushed me to enter and try. I got in a small corner and sensed the room and somehow connected to Amanda and Matthew. I took deep breaths with her and took shelter in her light. This may sound magically weird, but i truly felt that moment of pause with me in the room was necessary. I wanted her to feel me part of her circle. It took almost thirty minutes before i took my first picture. I started to document slowly and as hours went by, i got closer. She never truly got out oh her bubble to notice me and that was perfect. She was getting deeper in her sky and i was so happy to be her witness.

She was so strongly beautiful. Matthew by her side always making sure to be there for pressure points and her midwifes encouraging her and reassuring her that she was doing it perfectly. Amanda was asking how she could progress further and listened to every positions she could take. I think she knew Elena was still high in her body and wanted to help her go down as much as possible. In all this doubt was hidden her strong intuition that this was taking too much time. Amanda was pushing for several hours now and her contractions were further apart. They agreed to transfer to the hospital and continue with a little help.

The light of the day reminded us of hours that had passed and i followed Matthew to the hospital. On my way, i helped Amanda's mom to get there safely as well. She got lost and couldn't find her route. I almost lost her but was so glad to see her at the hospital's entrance. We arrived together in the room and i took a little corner again and smiled to the nurses.


There was the birth of Elena

Amanda was reaching for the sky and the immensity was palpable. Relying on her husband's strength and love, she was giving her all. Elena is the bright one and earth will become a better place with her arrival. Amanda visited a side she never thought existed in her self conscience.
This is birth. It will push you over the edge and bring you to a blurred clarity called love;
to a role you envisioned so clearly;
to your full definition of fortitude.

Elena is the shining light. In a deep sky she brought clarity and hope. Amanda leading her with love and intuition. Matthew alongside with words of wisdom and his phenomenal smile. That day they became parents and they are ready for everything.
I'm so glad i stayed.